A gastronomic journey featuring Michelin-starred chefs, at La Reserva Club

LifestyleA gastronomic journey featuring Michelin-starred chefs, at La Reserva Club


From 15th July to 14th October, residents and guests of La Reserva Club have the opportunity to enjoy a unique gastronomic journey. From charming French cuisine to the diverse flavouring offering from Asia, there are several different opportunities to get involved in the upcoming gastronomic journey at La Reserva Club. 

Throughout the summer months, Michelin-starred guests will complement the itinerary of events, exploring dishes and flavours from all over the world.  

On 15th July and 26th August, Nico Isnard from the Auberge de la Charme restaurant in France, will be cooking a tasting menu alongside The Beach team. His travels around the world have helped him build a unique brand where product quality takes precedence and where flavour truly comes to life. 

Chef Fernando Villasclaras from Lago Marbella restaurant in Spain will delight attendees with his dishes on 26th July. His restaurant explores local products from Coín, Nerja, and Marbella – so the delicacies of the Costa del Sol will make their way to The Beach. 

To conclude the Michelin-starred experiences, Tiago Bonito, one of the most prominent chefs in Portuguese gastronomy, will be joining the team at The Beach for an evening of flavour infused cuisine. His restaurant strikes a sweet balance between traditional wisdom and the expertise of haute cuisine. 

Furthermore, as the gastronomic journey continues, the Asian market will be the star of the show on 23rd September. With no specific country taking the lead, the food on offer will include a mixture of ingredients from different Asian countries – exploring the familiar umami flavours from the region. 

As the summer comes to a close, the experience will finish with an Italian special on 14th October. Combining the iconic pairing of mushrooms and truffles, those attending the evening will be in store for a wonderful exploration of Italian specialties. 

For more information on the upcoming gastronomic dinners at La Reserva Club, please head to: https://www.lareservaclubsotogrande.com/event_listing_category/gastronomic-journey/  

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