Tales of Show at La Reserva Club

Esteban Ruiz, born on January 28th, 1966, in Jaén, Spain, holds a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Seville. His work has travelled the world with various exhibitions in countries such as Germany, France, Portugal, Sweden, Ireland, the United States and his native Spain, among others.

We are pleased to present the exhibition Tales of the Show, available since July 22nd at La Reserva Club de Sotogrande.


The perfect union of style and conscience

The exhibition Tales of the Show was born from the social concerns developed by the author during his confinement when Esteban Ruiz was in his studio and where he was able to create a work that is as enigmatic as it is surprising.

In this work, his concerns confront the canvas in the search for answers and possible solutions to the context in which he finds himself. He returns to the thematic origins he already worked on in 2003, adding brushstrokes of revelations that the spectator finds as he passes through each stroke.

His style derives from neo-impressionism, navigating through pop art and introducing a freestyle that involves the viewer becoming aware of the work and drawing their conclusions in a reflective and critical tone.

All this is through the exhibition of disturbing and unsettling situations with a free interpretation where participation takes place and encourages us to explore and discern the most literal part of Tales of the Show.

A play that encourages reflection

The aim of Esteban Ruiz’s Tales of the Show is an open call for reflection on the social-historical situation and its practical consequences in today’s politics.

In this exhibition, Esteban Ruiz reinterprets ideas that have emerged at different stages of his career, introducing them in a harmonious blend to convey a specific message that the user’s decision about his role as a scriptwriter or mere spectator in front of the images presented in this incredible exhibition. You can visit it through a guided tour at La Reserva Club de Sotogrande by contacting lareserva.eventos@sotogrande.com.