Here at La Reserva we offer a wide range of activities and classes, including yoga. These classes are growing in popularity, but some of our members are unsure what the benefits are, so we spoke to our qualified instructor Tanya Stagnetto to find out.

“Yoga is great for building flexibility, strength and control and creating lean, toned bodies, while calming the mind and helping you deal better with stress. Here are the key benefits and ways in which I see them helping my students.

According to the yoga journal there are 38 health benefits of yoga, but these are the ones we find our students most appreciate.

Stress-relief – a yoga class is a great way to stop you worrying about the day-to-day stresses we all face and give you a place to breathe properly, clear your mind and activate your body. Some classes include meditation and more spiritual aspects, whereas others are more physical, but all types are really great stress busters.

Improves flexibility and muscle strength – this is an unusual and powerful combination which can help us to stay supple and strong as we get older, remove aches and pains and allows your body to do amazing things. You don’t need to be flexible to start, but you’ll see a huge difference, even after just a few classes.

Improves posture and balance – Poor posture is very common and causes a huge amount of problems with our back, neck and joints. Practicing yoga makes us aware of our posture, strengthens our back and core and improves it over time. Yoga also trains us to be more balanced and this reduces the likelihood of injury through falls, and increased stability throughout life, which helps when carrying children, shopping or playing other sports.

Improves health in general – Benefits including preventing joint damage, protecting your spine, helps ward off osteoporosis, increases blood flow and heart rate and boosts immunity. This is known as a therapeutic exercise because of its many health benefits.

Who is it best for? – My most loyal students are looking for mind and body exercise, a chance to switch off during the classes, learn techniques for beating stress and improving focus both inside and outside the classes. They aren’t looking to lose weight, but rather to improve strength and flexibility and to relax.”