The Vision behind the Seven was to design, over a 10 hectare private enclave a park inspired from Provence in which seven residences would be developed without interrupting the flow of the land, trees and flora.

Designed by world renowned landscape architect Jean Mus, the park offers a unique setting where carefully curated zones where identified to allow the architects to create unique residential sculptures.

Beyond bringing the spirit of Provence to Andalusia, the essence of the vision was to ensure that our seven architects would develop residences that would perfectly integrate their surroundings and meet our exceptional standards.

The result is Seven substantial family homes each set within a one hectare property, fully secure and serviced, with extensive amenities and broad panoramic views across the Mediterranean and the hills of Andalusia.


Discover La Reserva Club. Families ready to explore residential membership have the opportunity to receive a private tour and explore the incomparable offerings, services and amenities at this rare and remarkable property.