A Guide to the exhibition “Se llama Calma”

Lifestyle A Guide to the exhibition “Se llama Calma”


Artist Sara Calvo has brought together a collection of 14 artworks for an exhibition at our Clubhouse this Autumn. The exhibition is running until mid-January, entry is free and private tours of the exhibition can be arranged by contacting the Clubhouse.

To help you enjoy it to the full, we spoke to the artist to find out more about this exhibition and the inspiration behind it!

Hi Sara, thanks for speaking to us today. Please tell us what the main theme of the exhibition is?

The exhibition is called “Se llama Calma” and it is all about finding peace and calm in a busy world. The artworks each represent places, people and moments where I have found calm and been able to take a break from the urgent tasks of day-to-day life and focus on what really matters. It is the physical embodiment of those times where I have removed myself from the madness of the modern world and retreated into the world of my emotions. I hope that it will also offer visitors a chance to slow down and reflect, in the lovely surroundings of the La Reserva Club.

What can visitors expect to see?

Visitors will find works from three different series, all characterized by the vividness and strength of the colours.

The “Legacy” series represents everything that is eternal. It is based on nature, the sea and the land. It also reflects the importance of the eternal and our duty to leave a good legacy behind us in this world.

The other two series, Black Line and Intense Calm, examine the world of emotions. Optimism and joy capture the viewer’s attention through beauty and the harmony of colours.

This is an exhibition which will have an impact on visitors and I think they will find it surprising. Each piece conveys a lot of meaning and emotion. They are powerful and I hope you’ll never tire of looking at them.

Visitors are welcome throughout the opening hours of the clubhouse to enjoy the exhibition and private visits with the La Reserva Club team can be arranged by appointment. The works of art are also available to buy.

Can you tell us your favourite pieces?

One of my favourite pieces would be “Eternally III” from the Legacy series. This work initially had nothing to do with what it is now. When I started to paint it, after several days living with it at home I wasn’t happy with it and I went to bed thinking about how to improve it. I got out of bed at 3am and completely changed it, and I love the end result now.

The second would be “Juan”, in homage to the light of my life, my son Juan, my greatest critic and my greatest admirer.

How did you become an artist?

I feel like I have a true love story with art, and painting offers me a place to be myself, live in the moment and express my emotions. It’s where I try to do something beautiful which will be everlasting and stimulate the viewer.

I have always painted, but it was the pandemic that turned it from a passion to a profession. During that time, I was painting compulsively and my creativity was flowing. These artworks were natural expressions of emotions and moments and suddenly took shape in the best possible way, all without planning – like the best things in life.

Initially I started painting to order, and developed a following of people who liked my work. Encouraged and supported by my family and friends I put together a small private exhibition and have since been able to exhibit for larger audiences at Park 36 in Madrid and now at La Reserva Club, enabling me to share my creations with the people of Sotogrande.

I am delighted to be able to truly dedicate myself to art, it is a dream come true. I am now working on innovation and sustainability to enable me to create sustainable work and take care of the planet. I will also be holding more exhibitions in the Spring.

To find out more about what’s going on at La Reserva Club visit To book a private tour of the exhibition you can call +34 670 530 139 or email

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