Create your own sculpture workshop with Ariel Elizondo

NewsCreate your own sculpture workshop with Ariel Elizondo


Renowned Basque sculptor Ariel Elizondo returns to La Reserva Club to lead an exciting new workshop, offering participants the opportunity to craft their own sculptures using a diverse selection of stones from different parts of the world, such as quartzite, phyllite, slate, travertine and alabaster. 

The beginner, level one workshop takes place on April 20th at 10:30am and invites prospective artists to establish a relationship with stone, guided by Elizondo’s knowledge and experience.  

The advanced workshop requests that participants have some level of artistic experience before indulging. This second workshop, on April 21st at 10:30am, will introduce materials like slate, marble, limestone and granite. Participants will have access to around 12 types of stone with which to explore and create. 

Guided by Elizondo’s expertise and creativity, participants will bring their visions to life. Unlike previous workshops, this session will focus on creating larger pieces, utilising stone strips of 2 and 3 cm with varying lengths. This approach promises to elevate the creations of participants, both in scale and impact. 

Elizondo’s deep connection to the world of stone, stemming from both professional and familial ties to the quarrying industry, lends a rich authenticity to the workshop experience. His extensive experience includes collaborations on architectural landmarks with renowned international architects such as Jean Nouvel, David Chipperfield, Calatrava, and Frank Gehry.  

By opening this experience up to all abilities, this incredible experience is sure to be unforgettable. Participants will not only leave the workshop with their personally crafted artworks but also with a deeper understanding of stone as a medium for artistic expression. Each piece will bear Elizondo’s signature, ready to be proudly displayed in the homes of the workshop’s attendees, serving as a testament to their creative journey. 


Level One Workshop 

 Advanced Workshop 

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