Head Chef, Alberto Sarmiento, unveils new restaurant menu for The Beach in 2023

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Alberto Sarmiento, Head Chef at The Beach, has been working at La Reserva Club since July 2022. Having worked in five-star luxury hotels, such as  the Hotel Arts de Barcelona (Ritz Carlton), and the Sheraton Park Tower London, Alberto has a fabulous understanding of the importance of a high-quality menu. In addition to those European hotspots, he has also worked in Argentina, so has a round view of the flavours and ingredients that make for a truly special dish.  

“This year’s menu at The Beach is fresh, dynamic, and very appetising,” said Alberto Sarmiento. “I have ensured that each dish will have its own unique identity, and will be faithful to the flavours of each ingredient that it utilises. 

“My inspiration is always the same – I continually look to discover new combinations of flavours, but with the base of the product highlighted above all. Guests should visit us with an open mind to try different combinations and textures as they navigate our carefully prepared menu.” 

This new seasonal menu includes a variety of specially selected ingredients, with a local Mediterranean touch and often a national origin. Each dish has the summer in mind and there are a number of unique takes on traditional dishes that are typically found within the Andalucia region. 

“The fish and seafood that we use is fresh and of the best quality. The blue fin tuna, in particular, is caught in the traditional Almadraba method, and most of our meats are of Spanish origin.  

“The almond soup is made using black garlic, a distinct alternative to typical white garlic. The teriyaki salmon is a perfect dish for summer, combining the temperature of the cooked salmon, with the freshness of a mango tartare (with a hint of spice). 

“The white chocolate “soup”, chocolate ganache, bread, oil, and salt is an adaptation of a very traditional Catalonian dessert: ‘Pa amb oli i sal’ – of course, made with a unique La Reserva Club touch.  

“We are looking forward to welcoming guests to The Beach this summer, and the exciting events that will take place are a true reflection of the gastronomic potential we have on offer here.” 

If you want to explore the new menu at The Beach, or find out more information, head to: https://www.lareservaclubsotogrande.com/the-club/restaurante-the-beach/  

To make a reservation for breakfast or lunch at The Beach, visit: https://www.lareservaclubsotogrande.com/the-club/restaurante-the-beach/#form-row  

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