Get ready for four exciting gastronomic workshops at La Reserva Club

LifestyleGet ready for four exciting gastronomic workshops at La Reserva Club


Over the next month, La Reserva Club will be hosting four exciting gastronomic workshops to educate and broaden guests’ horizons on different foods and how to prepare them, all while having fun in the kitchen. 

The workshops get under way on Friday the 25th of August in the Lake View Garden area of The Beach at La Reserva Club. The Rustic Team will teach you how to prepare pizza dough, add toppings, and cook your pizza the correct way, while also being on-hand to provide assistance as you attempt to master the skills for yourself. The workshop starts at 2pm and is 90 minutes long, at a cost of €50 per person. 

The following week, on Thursday 31st August, guests will enjoy a bread making workshop, again taking place in the Lake View Garden. Guests on the day will learn how to prepare and bake bread that they will be able to take home for the next day. The workshop will start at 7pm and last for 90 minutes. The cost will be €50 per person. 

Moving into September, Orobeio will host a workshop on how to cut traditional Spanish ham. It will take place in the Lake View Garden on Saturday 2nd September at 7pm. The workshop will last 90 minutes and at the end of the session guests will be able to take home their beautifully sliced ham and an 80-gram Orobeio blister pack. The cost of this workshop is €50 per person. 

To round off this workshop series, Orobeio will be back to host an olive oil tasting on September 16th at 8pm. The workshop will be hosted at The Beach’s restaurant and will last for two hours with a cost of €50 per person. This session will focus on the natural raw materials in the surrounding area that contribute to so many popular food dishes.  

For more information and to reserve your place, contact or Whatsapp +34 677 58 58 58.  

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