La Reserva Club voted the 8th best Spanish golf resort, 12th best golf course in Today’s Golfer magazine’s rankings

News La Reserva Club voted the 8th best Spanish golf resort, 12th best...


We’re pleased to announce that Today’s Golfer magazine, the UK’s best-selling golf publication, has ranked both our resort and golf course among the 12 best in Spain.

In the magazine’s recently published top 100 Spanish golf course rankings, our beautiful golf course was ranked 12th and granted special ‘modern classic’ status by their review panel who have played and reviewed every golf course and resort in the country as part of the comprehensive listing.

Importantly, the panel honoured the golf course’s presentation with 9.3 marks out of 10; the second highest mark in the entire ranking in this category.

Moreover, our 8th placing in the Spanish ‘resorts’ ranking was our highest ever recorded, largely due to the consistent investments made across the facility. Specifically referenced was the upgrading of Hotel Almenara, set to launch as SO/Sotogrande next year. Our resort garnered an impressive 82.2 total marks out of 100, scoring particularly high on amenities and residential offerings.

This is yet further evidence that our golf course and other amenities are better than ever! And for this autumn, we’ve launched a special ‘golf pass’ which allows you access to our state-of-the-art facilities at a heavily discounted price.

For just €1,600, our Autumn Golf Pass gives you 10 green fees to use until February 28th 2021. The green fees can be cashed in seven days a week and can be passed on to guests or used individually throughout the high season.

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