Solar Sustainability at La Reserva Club

NewsSolar Sustainability at La Reserva Club


La Reserva Club has taken another step in its journey towards sustainability with the installation of 275 solar panels, and a further 300+ set to be installed in the coming months.

The new solar farm will play a crucial role in assisting with electricity consumption throughout the entire resort. Once the project is complete, La Reserva Club will be able to reduce its CO2 emissions associated with its electricity consumption by 90.13 tonnes per year.

That all means that 50% of the energy that the Clubhouse and The Beach utilise will be derived from the solar panels. This newly generated electricity will benefit general electric consumption, including lighting, heating, kitchen, water heating, and more. In simple terms, the investment will fuel/power the Clubhouse and The Beach, entirely, for six months of the year.

The solar panel farm is located behind the La Reserva Club Racquet Centre, in an unused space between the driving range and The Beach. The initial installation saw the construction of a 150 kW self-consumption facility, equating to 275 solar panels. Phase two of the project will see the addition of a further 300+ solar panels which will have the capacity to generate a further 180 kW of electricity.

The installation is part of a wider vision to bring a more sustainable lifestyle to the resort in the most seamless and comfortable way possible. Within its real estate development, Sotogrande® is consciously following the latest trends and continuing to innovate in the way that homes are built with the main goal of causing the absolute minimum amount of impact on the environment and promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

Acting as a clear example of this, throughout the construction of Village Verde, the company has pursued a BREEAM Certificate – the world’s leading science-based suite of validation and certification systems for sustainably built environment.

Additional sustainability projects include helping residents to recycle in the most efficient way, with a new door-to-door recycling system. Furthermore, six electric car charging points and two super charging points are currently being installed at La Reserva Club that will be operational in one month’s time, and a further six will be installed in the coming months.



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