Start your tennis and padel lessons at La Reserva Club

LifestyleStart your tennis and padel lessons at La Reserva Club


The school year is starting, and the new sporting proposals to improve your health and have fun with your family are already here. At La Reserva Club, we are committed to the sport, for what we offer tennis and padel programmes that people of all ages can enjoy at our Racquet Centre.

Practise health and have fun playing

If you are looking for a post-summer activity to improve your health without giving up fun Racquet Centre has prepared some essential tennis and padel classes.

In our tennis and padel classes for children and adults, you will find an innovative and sophisticated experience with qualified experts who will help you to improve your technique while you enjoy hitting the ball. There is no need to start with a specific level, as our tennis and padel classes are for all levels.

An innovative leisure space

The tennis lessons take place on four clay courts, creating a professional environment ideal for the student’s progress. Here, learning reaches a new level with total immersion in tennis. Our qualified teachers will accompany you throughout the evolution of your game with techniques, tricks and specific instructions, which you can then apply with friends and family when you want to enjoy with them.

Padel is one of the fastest-growing racket games in Europe, and at Racquet Centre, we offer you the chance to learn this wonderful sport in a professional environment. La Reserva Club has five new padel courts with glass walls, where you can train comfortably and practice with a team of experts. Improve your game like never before and relax by enjoying a game of padel with friends in your free time while you learn the secrets of this popular game.

Fun for the whole family

Our tennis and padel programmes are adapted to all ages from four years and upwards, making it a fun and educational proposal for the whole family to learn and enjoy playing.

Check our rates and timetables and sign up online on the La Reserva Club website. The fun starts now!

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