Dolores Cortés swimwear lands at The Beach

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Swimwear icon Dolores Cortés blends fashion with top quality swimwear and the brand is a favourite with celebrities. With over 65 years of history, which has revolutionised the production of swimwear, their beautiful designs are often seen on the catwalk in major fashion shows, as well as in glossy magazines and can now be found in Sotogrande.

We’re delighted to announce that Dolores Cortés has brought her latest collection “Summer 021” to The Beach. The collection features bright colours and tropical prints, geometric shapes and bold designs that will certainly make you stand out from the crowd. You can find bikinis, swimsuits and coverups in the collection, so you’re sure to find the perfect option for you.

The swimwear collection is on sale during the opening hours of The Beach, between 11am and 6pm, 7 days a week, throughout July and August. This complements the ultimate beachclub experience and we hope that our customers will enjoy a little shopping during their day at The Beach.

Revolutionising swimwear

The brand Dolores Cortés is very important to the development of swimwear as we know it and the current designer is following in her mother’s trailblazing footsteps. When she started in the 1950s they didn’t have the elasticated fabric that we know and love, and so swimwear was made of cotton and looked terrible as soon as it became wet. Dolores Cortés senior used a clever modification to a conventional sewing machine which allowed it to sew with a rubber thread. Using complex sewing techniques she made different types of swimsuits which suited different body types and created beautiful and practical swimwear for the first time. The business grew and grew and was taken over by her daughter in the 1980s who continued the innovation. She focused on modernising the manufacturing process, launching the brand internationally and making the brand synonymous with fashion, style and the latest trends in swimwear. Her Creative Department designs stunning collections each year, which are pride of place at catwalks and fashion events around the world and we’re delighted to have her latest collection on offer at The Beach.

Designing more than just swimwear

Dolores Cortés has a close connection to Sotogrande, as she has been working alongside the team from the new hotel SO/ Sotogrande to create a unique and striking design and image. She designed the hotel’s logo, important elements of the interior design and the staff’s uniforms to bring her fashion forward style to Sotogrande.

Although she is a dedicated swimwear designer and constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of both design and manufacture of high-quality swimwear, Dolores was excited to take on a new challenge at SO/ Sotogrande. The concept was based around a revolutionised cortijo, full of the spirit and passion of Andalusia, while being brought bang up to date and reenergized for the 21st century. She explained that the logo “symbolises the gateway to the privileged and lush oasis that is SO/ Sotogrande.” Through the objects she has selected and the interior design, Dolores Cortés has created a unique environment, designed to exude energy and exclusivity. The uniforms are designed to be practical yet creative and individual, echoing the design of the hotel and complementing the look perfectly.

SO/ Sotogrande will open its doors soon so you can experience Dolores Cortés’ innovative designs both in the hotel, its seven restaurants and bars and of course at the pop-up shop at The Beach.

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