Keeping on top of your sports skills from home

Sports Keeping on top of your sports skills from home


Here at La Reserva Club Sotogrande we love our sports and have created the perfect place for you to practice, enjoy and improve your skills. We normally offer golf, tennis and padel, yoga and pilates and watersports at the club and know how important getting active is to our members.

What matters to you is what matters to us, so while at present we can’t welcome you to La Reserva to enjoy your favourite sports, we’ve spoken to our sports and fitness professionals to give you tips for keeping your skills and fitness up while you’re at home.


We’re living in stressful times and it’s normal to feel the pressure. However, stress is really bad for our bodies and minds and so having stress relief methods to deal with it is very important, now more than ever! Yoga is a fantastic body and mind exercise which builds flexibility and strength while calming the mind and helping you deal better with stress, so even if you’ve never tried it before, now is a great time to start. Find out more about why yoga is so beneficial

Obviously, you can’t pop to a yoga class right now, but thankfully there are loads of brilliant resources that you can use to start practicing yoga or keep up with your regular practice. There are lots of teachers taking to Facebook to offer free daily classes via video to help their community through these stressful times. Local yoga teachers including Lisa Marie Robinson and Didem Vargas are delivering daily classes that you can join online.

Of course YouTube also offers a wealth of professionals delivering yoga to suit different levels and needs, so have a browse and see who you engage with. Here is a list of 8 top instructors to give you somewhere to start.

Last but not least, there are also some great yoga apps that come highly recommended for keeping you on track and developing your skills on a regular basis. Browse your app store, or check out this list of top yoga apps and let us know what your favourite is.


While our championship golf course and Manuel Piñero golf academy are closed at present, that’s no excuse for letting your skills get rusty! There are some excellent online resources to allow you to work on your fitness and your skills from home. A combination of these things done on a regular basis could make a big difference to your game and also keep you engaged and stop the boredom while you’re at home.

Let’s start first with developing and maintaining the fitness you need for your next visit to the golf course. There are many free and paid for golf fitness apps which you can download on your phone. These contain workouts specific for golf which you can work through and track to keep an eye on your progress and goals. Most of the popular golf magazines also have websites with workouts which you can follow, such as this useful article with the Best Golf Exercises to Improve your Game from GolfDigest.

There are some brilliant videos showing how to improve different elements of your swing such as the orthodox takeaway, release, posture, downswing and more. We recommend the drills and videos from coach Gary Alliss from Golf Monthly as a good start. Will Shaw has also selected his favourite drills for swing, putting and chipping which will give you an hour of focused practice. YouTube is also a great source of practice ideas that you can do at home, by watching and completing one or more videos per day, you should get back onto the golf course even better than before. There are many channels to follow, here are just a few of the best golf YouTube channels to get you started.


We all know it’s essential to practice tennis strokes regularly, which is why most of our members make it to the tennis courts for lessons or practice sessions at least once a week. But your practice doesn’t have to stop just because you can’t get to the court. Just check out what the ATP Tour tennis professionals are up to and you’re sure to be inspired. These stars are sharing their skills, showing what they do to keep up their fitness and develop techniques off the court and you can join them by following the hashtag #TennisAtHome and find out more here.

As long as you have your racquet, some balls and some drills to follow, you don’t need a court, or even space to play outside. Commit to just 10 minutes a day and you’ll see some great benefits in your next game. Here are some great resources to use

If you’re looking for ways to keep the kids entertained, or want to learn a new skill yourself, here are a few good drills to try.


Pilates helps build core strength and improve flexibility, improve fitness levels, relieve stress and take your mind off your worries. It is easy to do at home, as all you need is a mat, or even a towel and some comfortable clothes.

There are some brilliant YouTubers sharing workouts and tips online for different levels and objectives. Here’s a list of 30 of the best

There are also programmes to take you through the basics from total beginner such as this 30-day guide and articles on how to practice Pilates at home. The options are endless, so browse online and try a few different styles and teachers and see which suits you best.

Why not make the most of your time at home and set yourself a Pilates challenge? There are lots of them out there, many taking just 10 minutes a day and focusing on different areas of the body to increase your fitness and see some great results on the way you look and feel. Here are some options to try, there are many more out there, so look around for something that fits with you.

Whatever sport or exercise routine you choose, physical exercise is essential to surviving the COVID-19 lockdown with a healthy body and mind. Think of this as an opportunity to improve your skills and get healthier! The key is regular practice and setting yourself a routine which features exercise, but doesn’t put too much pressure on yourself. Combine with a healthy diet full of vitamins to feel good, boost the immune system and be able to handle today’s challenges.

We hope we will be able to welcome you back to La Reserva Club very soon, but in the meantime #stayathome, stay safe and stay active.

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