The latest maritime workshop – Catamaran ride and Italian lunch

LifestyleThe latest maritime workshop - Catamaran ride and Italian lunch


The latest maritime workshop from La Reserva Club took place aboard an idyllic catamaran. A very special sailing and Italian lunch experience left from the Blua Blue shop at Sotogrande® Marina, for a five-hour relaxing voyage out into the Mediterranean Sea.

With a delicious Italian meal and drinks served on-board the boat, guests could relax and take in the beauty of the sea and enjoy the Sotogrande® lifestyle.

For this exclusive workshop, eight guests took a five-hour relaxing trip on the catamaran, which left and returned from the beautiful Sotogrande® Marina. The workshop began at 11am for what was a truly unique experience.

Life at the Sotogrande Marina is the heart of the vibrant sailing community, with an atmosphere that is always full of life. With a diverse collection of restaurants and cafes, it offers everything from a simple drink to take in the views, to a gourmet dinner that is sure to delight the taste buds.

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