Everything you need to know about brunch before or after enjoying it.

LifestyleEverything you need to know about brunch before or after enjoying it.


What is Brunch?

The term brunch comes from the union of the English words breakfast and lunch and is usually served from 10:00h to 16:00h. Nowadays, many places offer brunch any day of the week, although Sundays are the days par excellence for this meal and the day we all have in mind to enjoy this plan.

At Reserva Club de Sotogrande we stay true to tradition, so every Sunday you will find an exclusive brunch dedicated to a different gastronomic experience, thanks to the theming of our dishes.

How did brunch begin?

The first written reference to brunch can be found in the English satirical magazine Punch in 1896. The story goes that it started in England at the end of the 19th century, when upper-class families would give Sunday off to their household employees. The servants would prepare a large buffet of all kinds of food, both hot and cold, so that the gentlemen could help themselves until the servants returned home.

This trend spread over the years to other places, with the United States being the country where brunch became most popular from 1930 onwards, when New York’s high society imposed it as a solution to the hunger they felt after getting up early to go hunting.

What is served at brunch?

The first thing to know is that brunch is an experience in itself. Because it has adapted to the needs of each society in each era and has maintained certain customs over time.

This culinary event comes with a cocktail, no matter if the night before was excessive, in this case we calm the body with hearty food and either of the two indispensable drinks: Bloody Mary and Mimosas. The cocktails and sparkling wines will attract a lot of attention, but the food is the star of the show. The dishes at this banquet take on special relevance, whether sweet in the dessert, in the form of pastries or delicatessen, or savoury as main courses. One thing you will always find is fruit. It is the perfect counterpart to the main courses and is a delight for those who prefer something lighter.

Where to have brunch?  The best brunch in Sotogrande

Spectacular views, privileged location and expert hands at the cooker are what distinguish the brunch at La Reserva Club. Our know-how and great experience with the client are essential ingredients to ensure that enjoying typical brunch dishes or experimenting with new flavours becomes an exclusive event.

Every Sunday we welcome diners with a welcome drink and you can enjoy this relaxed meal from 13.00h until 16.30h while sharing quality time with family and friends.

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