The 60th-Anniversary Golf Tournament in Sotogrande: A Day Filled with Sports and Festivity

SportsThe 60th-Anniversary Golf Tournament in Sotogrande: A Day Filled with Sports and...


In August, Sotogrande marked its 60th anniversary with a splendid golf tournament held at La Reserva Club. This event served as a delightful occasion for members hailing from the four prestigious championship golf courses within Sotogrande to unite, celebrating not only their shared passion for the sport but also the destination’s significant milestone.

The day commenced with a spirited round of competitive golf at La Reserva Club, setting the stage for an exhilarating day ahead. Subsequently, participants gathered on the lush lawn adjacent to the clubhouse to savor an open-air feast. The menu featured an array of appetizers, traditional Spanish rice dishes, and delectable desserts, all enhanced by the enchanting backdrop of live music, which infused the setting with a relaxed and charming ambiance.

Following this delightful repast, a ceremony was held to recognize the tournament’s outstanding performers, accompanied by various engaging activities at the range. Attendees were treated to an enlightening encounter with the legendary Spanish golfer, Manuel Piñero, who generously shared his expertise and captivating golfing anecdotes. Moreover, a thrilling long drive competition, hosted by PING on the driving range, provided a dynamic and competitive edge to the festivities.

In essence, this event skillfully brought the members of the Sotogrande community together to commemorate the region’s remarkable 60-year journey through an enchanting golf tournament, fostering an atmosphere of enjoyment and camaraderie that resonated with all who participated.


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