Savour the art of sushi: A masterclass with Chef Carlos Navarro

LifestyleSavour the art of sushi: A masterclass with Chef Carlos Navarro


La Reserva Club is delighted to be hosting another culinary workshop. This month, we’re offering an exclusive opportunity for guests to discover the art of crafting delicious sushi under the expert guidance of renowned sushi specialist, Carlos Navarro. Join us on Saturday, November 18th, at The Beach with the workshop beginning at 11am.   

To begin, our workshop will guide guests through the art of sushi preparation, starting with the basics like sushi rice and complementary garnishes. Then, we’ll dive into crafting the main fillings. You’ll have the opportunity to practice filling and tolling techniques for Futomakis, Uramakis, and shaping Nigiris with personalised assistance from Chef Navarro. 

The workshop fee is €55 per person and covers all aspects of the training, a delightful tasting session of the sushi you prepare, and beverages. Additionally, we will supply all the necessary ingredients and equipment, including mats and knives. You’ll also receive a recipe book for rice the preparation and the accompanying sauces.  

Join us for a truly exceptional experience as you delve into the art of sushi making. You’ll have the privilege of using premium ingredients and benefiting from the expertise of a world-renowned chef in an intimate masterclass setting.  

To secure your space at the workshop, head online to:  

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