Ayala Polo Club presents the 51st edition of the International Polo Tournament, sponsored one more year by La Reserva Club de Sotogrande.

NewsAyala Polo Club presents the 51st edition of the International Polo Tournament,...


Enjoy the sporting spectacle of polo this summer in Sotogrande.

Some of the best players, such as Pablo Pieres, Guillermo Caset and the brothers Bartolomé and Camilo Castagnola, will compete for the coveted trophy with more than 20 teams and 700 horses.

They will ride their beautiful horses to jump the fields and delight us with their excellent skills with the mallet and the ball in Sotogrande, in what will be the most international edition in history with representatives from Spain, France, Brunei, Palestine, the United Kingdom, USA and Argentina, among others.

Polo is already a tradition in Sotogrande, and 2022 could not be the exception. Once again, La Reserva Club de Sotogrande is sponsoring the competition at the Ayala Polo Club.

This impressive sporting, social and entertainment spectacle offers free entrance to the public during the competition. The Bronze, Silver and Gold Cups in low (4-6 goals), medium (8-12) and high handicap (18-20) will be up for grabs.

Who will be the team to lift it?

Take the opportunity to enjoy Sotogrande’s commercial village.

During the summer afternoons, attendees will enjoy the commercial village in which leading brands participate. On these warm days, you can listen and watch the galloping of the horses as you stroll through this shopping area.

All that remains is to attend the event and experience this exciting and vibrant sport.

Live polo, enjoy Sotogrande!

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