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La Reserva Club has unique gastronomic spaces to make your moments of relaxation an unforgettable experience. In all of them you will find your moment to taste innovative dishes designed for all tastes. Let us show you the main areas of La Reserva Club.

Modern and Mediterranean cuisine at the Clubhouse

In our Clubhouse restaurant, you will discover the Mediterranean style hand in hand with the gastronomic craftsmanship of Andalusia. A space where Europe merges with the Costa del Sol in the form of select dishes and enchanting views. Here, you can enjoy the most exclusive cuisine overlooking the golf course of La Reserva, where you can celebrate lunches and dinners that include, among others, outdoor grills, spices from all over the world, vegetables and freshly picked mushrooms. In addition, you will find, in our menu, options for all kinds of conditions and preferences. All this is to make your moments with family or friends an evening to remember. You can enjoy this experience from Monday to Sunday from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm.

For those moments of relaxation, La Reserva Club has a sophisticated and special plan for you: it is our afternoon “tee” traditional legacy from Great Britain for your evenings in the company of family and friends in relaxing conversations. Discover in this gastronomic space sweet cakes in a myriad of flavours such as coffee, chocolate, butter or apricot; also an exclusive selection of sandwiches or authentic scones with seasonal jam and cream. A delicious experience in every bite that you can enjoy every day from 12:00 to 17:00 hrs.

Gourmet Cuisine at The Beach

The Beach is a gastronomic space where our chefs choose the finest Mediterranean ingredients to create the best gourmet menu on the Costa del Sol. At The Beach, you can enjoy sublime sushi and sashimi, fusing nouvelle cuisine with the traditional gastronomy of the area to create a menu to suit all tastes and preferences. A unique blend of fresh, quality ingredients in the form of salads, seafood, sandwiches, meats and paellas from a wide selection of seasonal produce.

Enjoy your gastronomic tasting in the comfort of our restaurant by the lagoon or comfortably in your hammock, where our team will make your gourmet moments a unique experience.

Celebrate your events in the company of a delicious dish with a toast. At The Beach, you have at your disposal, a wide range of possibilities where you can savour your aperitif with sparkling wines, rosés, white wines and high-quality champagnes. Everything to make your toast the perfect moment. Enjoy our selection of wines and create memorable memories of unforgettable events.

To create the perfect plan for every occasion, La Reserva Club offers you an exclusive home delivery service where in the privacy of your home, you can enjoy and celebrate your family events with the most exclusive gastronomy of the Costa del Sol.

Enjoy your gastronomic moments with us by booking online on our website, by email or by calling 956 785 252.

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